Departures must be conducted in groups of 10 persons.
The air fare is not included (But you can book through our agency)
Departures with less than 10 people suffer an increase in tariff, which will be quantified during the reservation.
Partenze individual or couples and the cost of $ 4,500 per person.
The reservation is made with a deposit of 30% in case of cancellation 10% will be retained as security.
The choice of the motorcycle will be conducted in accordance disponobilité of `.
The withdrawal of the motorcycle will be made only if you have international driving license is a credit card, a deposit precaution will be made as compensation. And returned on the return of the motorcycle was in good condition.
The departures will be carried out every Wednesday.
Special diet must be known at the time of booking.
Not be allowed any kind of animal.
We recommend an insurance policy valid for the United States in case of hospitalization.
While traveling in a group will apply the rules of Judah and behavior of the United States.

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